Sone Ki Chidiya (1958)

Stars: , |  Director: Shaheed Latif

After the passing of her parents, Lakshmi goes to live with her relatives, who after some time, compel her to re-locate with Danpat Rai and his family, consisting of his wife; a son, Raghunath and his wife and three children; and a second unmarried alcoholic son, Balram. Raghunath and his wife leave the household in protest of her arrival, and Balram attempts to sell her to a goon but she manages to escape, and rather dramatically gets hired as singer/actress in a theater. From thence there is no looking back, and she soon becomes a popular movie star, acting with famous actors such as Dev Anand and Ashok Kumar. Balram and others improve their respective lifestyles and exploit her to no end, forcing her to work hard – without any break. When she falls in love with a Journalist, Amar, they caution her that he is only after her money, but she disregards their advice and wants her share of the wealth that has been accumulated so that she can move out and live with Amar, his mother and four sisters. She will soon be faced with harsh reality when she comes to know that she is penniless, and it is Balram who, through a signed contract, controls her life. But nothing will prepare for the shock when she will find the real reason why Amar was attracted to her, and it is then she will head toward a nervous breakdown – that will bring drastic change to her already stressful lifestyle.

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