Keshava (2017)

Stars:  |  Director: Sudheer Varma

A family of 4 travelling in a car were hit by a police jeep and left to die. Keshava wakes up in the hospital to learn that his parents were killed and his younger sister lost her legs. The story shifts to present with Keshava (Nikhil Siddharth), now a youngster, walking in a desolate forest road and asks a biker for lift. After a while, the biker halts to attend the nature call and Keshava stabs him to death. Keshava narrates in a voice-over that he is a law student with a rare heart condition – Dextrocardia, which prevents him from activities resulting in faster heart beat. So, he has to do everything leisurely even if it’s a murder. A fisherman witness the dead body of the biker hanging from a tree and informs the police. The police identify the victim as a police officer. Satyabhama (Ritu Varma) joins the college and attends the same class as Keshava.

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